Announcing Dr. Doug's Stress Tips, a New Podcast Series

Some days you just stare at a computer screen for so long that the last thing you want to do when you take a break, or arrive at home, is read. That's where podcasts come in. You just get comfortable, lean back, close your eyes, and listen to some wise advice for a few minutes of your day.

Wise advice is what you'll find in our new podcast series with Dr. Doug Lisle, a gifted and compassionate psychologist who is the founder of a new method of approaching human psychology and well-being called Esteem Dynamics.  In this series, Dr. Doug will help us learn how to apply psychological principles in order to manage stress in a way that is optimal for our well-being

We'll post these short interviews in our new Podcasts section, which you can find on our website under the Resources menu. (There's also a link at the bottom of this blog.)

We are intentionally keeping these podcasts SHORT-- typically they run 6 or 7 minutes.  We trust you'll find that these few minutes are time well spent and a good investment in yourself.

Here's are the topics of the first 3 podcasts in the new series:

#1: Understanding Stress and the 'General Mood Model'. 

In this initial podcast in a series on stress management, Dr. Doug Lisle explores the “general mood model,” arcing from depression to anxiety to stress to excitement to boredom. Stress, in the middle, is the “50-50 territory” where you’re uncertain of an outcome and know it can largely depend on what you do, so you must act wisely.  

#2: Run Away? Or Review Priorities?

It’s natural for people under stress to want to escape and leave a situation. Sometimes that’s a useful thing to do.  But sometimes what we really want to do is look at how a person’s time and energy are being organized, and explore how they are viewing the situations that are driving their stress.

#3: Stress and "Positions of Power"

You may have too many strong forces competing for your attention. You can often face a lot of pressure from certain people. Sometimes you just can't adequately defend yourself, and so your needs get sacrificed.  The first thing that gets sacrificed is often your own personal goals, because no one is out there defending your goals except you. Learn how to defend yourself by getting to "positions of power".

Link to the Podcast series

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