Finding Your Position of Power

What comes to mind when you imagine someone in "a position of power"?  A very rich man? A CEO? A king?

Surprisingly, research shows those superficial "positions of power" may not lead to individual happiness. Sometimes people at the top may actually feel they lack a position of power in other more important areas of life, experiencing a sense of powerlessness over things that matter deeply to them. Often they have sacrificed too much of their personal lives for money or for leadership opportunities. As pointed out recently in the Harvard Business Review, rich people just aren't as happy as one might think.  

A true "position of power" isn't something that comes from just having money or being at the top of a dominance hierarchy. It comes from succeeding at what matters most to us uniquely as an individual.  It means we've learned to keep our focus primarily on the people and things that matter the most -- to us.  Getting clear about our goals and about who and what really matters to us is the foundation of our individual happiness.

In this short 9-minute podcast on "Stress and Positions of Power," Dr. Doug Lisle talks about common difficulties we encounter in trying to establish our own 'positions of power" in our lives.  It's well worth a listen. 

Get in touch with what's really most important to you, and take care of those things first.

Stay relaxed,


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