Stress-Proof Your Brain

Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

$ 19.95

This highly effective meditation CD by Dr. Rick Hanson offers scientifically sound tools to help you find freedom from constant irritability, worry, and anxiety. The CD contains a series of short practices that can be practiced individually or together.  The series as a whole is designed to train your brain for greater happiness and to help you find freedom from chronic stress.  

The program begins with an informative overview detailing how our brains have evolved powerful tools for coping with threats and danger. Dr. Hanson explains how these ancient survival mechanisms can do us more harm than good in today’s world, where we chronically suffer from evolutionarily bizarre modern problems such as information overload, money worries, and types of interpersonal conflicts that didn’t exist in our ancestral world.

When we "program" ourselves to be constantly on the lookout for danger, it changes our brains in a negative way that undermines our chances for happiness. Dr. Hanson's powerful collection of short meditations, each one addressing a challenging emotion such as anger, forgiveness, anxiety, or guilt, can help us undo the damage that chronic stress has caused in our lives.


  • How to replace your brain’s unhealthy reactions to stress with protective and self-nurturing responses
  • Techniques for using memory to soothe and relieve painful feelings of sadness, guilt, anxiety, inadequacy, or anger
  • Guided meditations for calming chronic worries, developing gratitude, building inner strength, and more
  • How to "rewire your brain" to change its emphasis on the negative emotions in our life (such as frustration, heartache, fear, or anger) to more positive ones (contentment, love, peace, and happiness).

Dr. Rick Hanson, PhD., is a neuropsychologist and teacher working at the intersection of psychology, neurology, and contemplative practice. He teaches at universities and meditation centers in America, Australia, and Europe.

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