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The Insomnia Workbook

Stephanie A. Silberman, Ph.D., DABSM

$ 21.95

The Insomnia Workbook is an easy-to-use guide to understanding insomnia and setting the foundation for an effective cure. The large-format workbook strikes an excellent balance between providing information and sharing tools to help you collect information about your own sleep challenges and patterns. By utilizing this workbook you can understand more fully the nature of your insomnia and the particular solutions that will work best for you.

The Insomnia Workbook offers a complete program, labeled as "the most effective treatment for insomnia," that can help you to:
  • Stop the stressful, racing thoughts that keep you awake at night
  • Train yourself to sleep using stimulus control, sleep restriction, and deep-relaxation skills
  • Identify foods and lifestyle factors that may be making things worse
  • Keep a personal sleep log to track your progress

From the back cover:

"There's no better treatment for insomnia than cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  Research has shown that CBT works even better than powerful sleep medications, and with this workbook, it's easier than ever to put these strategies to work to help you ward off insomnia and finally get to sleep.

"This book is designed to simulate the experience of seeing a professional CBT sleep specialist. First, you'll assess your sleep habits with questionnaires and evaluate how your sleep problem affects your life; then you'll learn a variety of proven techniques sleep specialists recommend to their clients. This book includes all of the tools you need to better understand your insomnia and create an effective plan for getting the sleep you need."

Praise for The Insomnia Workbook:

"The idea of a comprehensive insomnia workbook, starting from the basics of sleep to diagnosis and management, is brilliant. This book is up-to-date and serves as an ‘all you need to know about sleep’ guide. It is easy to read and understand, keeps the reader’s attention, and acts like a teaching aid. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about the various intricacies of sleep, and to any professional who requires in-depth information..."

-- Vipin Garg, MD, FCCP, FAASM, director of the sleep disorders center at Trinitas Hospital in Elizabeth, NJ, and assistant professor of medicine at Seton Hall University


“Silberman has taken the difficult topic of insomnia and provided an informative review not only of normal sleep, but also common sleep problems. She discusses treatments for people having difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep using up-to-date medical and psychological treatments. The book is sure to be of interest to people with trouble sleeping and readers who simply wish to learn more about the fascinating world sleep.”

  • Glenn R. Singer, M.D., FACP, FCCP, FAASM, medical director of the sleep disorder centers at Broward General Medical Center and Weston Broward Health, Fort Lauderdale, FL


“Silberman has distinguished herself in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. There are still far and too few dedicated sleep professionals available. Her new book is needed to promote greater understanding of why insomnia is far and away the most common manifestation of underlying sleep disorder and what to do to relieve this distressing condition.”

  • Bruce Nolan, MD, FACP, FAASM, etc. medical director at Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami

About the author:

Stephanie A. Silberman, Ph. D., DABSM, is a clinical psychologist specializing in the use of cognitive behavioral therapy for the treatment of sleep disorders, depression, and anxiety.  She is a consultant for many sleep laboratories and maintains a private practice in the Fort Lauderdale, FL, area.


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