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Inner Sunrise - Natural Stress Relief

Inner Sunrise has one mission: to make stress-relief easy and part of an everyday routine.

We believe that effective stress relief comes from a “full spectrum” approach—the more different types of stress-reduction activity you weave into your lifestyle, the easier it is to ultimately create the foundation you need to ease or eliminate the stresses in your life.

We also provide educational information, tools, and counseling to help our visitors understand the nature of their stress and find the most effective solutions.

Cheryl Steets, Ph.D., Founder of Inner Sunrise

Our Founder, Cheryl Steets

Inner Sunrise was founded by Cheryl Steets, Ph.D., a former corporate executive in the world of digital technologies. Cheryl’s technology career began in 1998 with the pioneering streaming media network, INTERVU, followed by long-term executive positions at several successful software companies.

Cheryl’s background includes a Ph.D. from UCLA and in her early career she was a Teaching Fellow at UCLA for courses in Greek and Roman history and literature, as well as a scholar of Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and several other ancient and modern languages. 

Having witnessed firsthand the prevalence of chronic stress in both corporate and academic worlds, Cheryl now dedicates herself to providing solutions to help those suffering under the burdens of stress.

Full-Spectrum Stress Relief

Our website offers the following as our full-spectrum approach to stress relief:

  • Heavenly aromatherapy products with organic essential oils and all-natural ingredients to help you indulge and relax through the power of scent
  • Books and educational tools that illuminate the nature of stress and advise how to best manage it
  • Music scientifically designed for stress reduction and deep relaxation
  • Guided meditation CDs by doctors and experts who specialize in stress reduction
  • Stress counseling with Dr. Douglas J. Lisle, psychologist, creator and founder of Esteem Dynamics, a new approach to psychology and stress management
  • Workplace coaching with Larry Gitlin, an executive coach utilizing Esteem Dynamics methodologies
  • Sleep support education and products
  • Stress-relief supplements
  • Teas with superior relaxing properties

It is our sincere wish that these products and services will help ease the stresses in your life.



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